Dear Visitor:

Be ye alien or stranger, here’s some random facts that characterize me:

  • Violently Han shot firstian.
  • I enjoy video games. Survival horror, RPGs, shooters. I do not yet do any online gaming. This may change with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.
  • Joel > Mike, MST3K > Cinematic Titanic >Rifftrax.
  • Picard > Kirk…but I still love them both. Solid “like” on Sisko.
  • Geeky before it was cool, yo, and I have the deep purple emotional scars to prove it.
  • I was diagnosed with an 8 cm chunk of breast cancer at the age of 29. I’m 34 as of this typing. I’ve got the scars to prove that, too, but no signs of disease and I’m very well, very happy, albeit taking a huge dose of Tamoxifen nightly. If you’re in a similar situation as I was, perhaps aimlessly googling, and need any kind of support or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
  • I am a supervisor of realtime closed captioning in my professional life. This is a lot like working on the Satellite of Love, only I have to sign timesheets and wrassle various softwares on a regular basis.

Watch this space for:

  • Things I saw on TV and why they are either the apex of human endeavor to describe the mortal condition or an insult to multicellular life forms.
  • Probably a YouTube clip of Information Society. Maybe Suede. Retro pop culturey stuff. Also memes stolen from Reddit.
  • Absolutely unqualified cultural anthropological post-feminist diatribes, although I’ll probably save most of those for
  • A glimpse into my Twitter feed, containing pithy ruminations on Dallas traffic, Dallas heat, the Dallas Mavs and what they’ve done to Dallas traffic. Sometimes adorable blasphemies from my husband. Also probably lots of tweets riffing bad movies with the Drive-in Mob.
  • Political and/or atheist rants that will probably come back to haunt me if I ever need to make a lateral career move. (Hi, potential hiring manager! May I just take a moment to tell you how flattered I am by your interest?)
  • Undignified squeeing about Doctor Who, Star Trek, aging British character actors, old movies, Vincent Price, Tim Gunn, particularly delicious sushi…
  • I may also indulge in amusing anecdotes. They will not always be safe for work. You have been warned.

All right, so that’s my intro post. Thanks for coming by.


OK, I’m going to go play Arkham City.


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