As If By Chance

The highlight of my day today was captioning this guy:

“Your Dad’s alcoholic golf buddy is Agent for H.A.R.M.”
Makes me snort-giggle every time.

So I’m weird. But I LOVE this guy. He always plays the loudmouth, evil, pedantic, and/or draconian guy, but oh, he does it with elan. He was like the William Atherton or Christopher McDonald of his day. (Do we have a new one of those yet? We do, don’t we? Oh, I’m old.) Although I DID look for him on the web, and hey, whaddya know, still working. Doing the whole Leonard Nimoy Renaissance Man thing, too, all noveling and Board of Trusteeing. You go, venerable sirs. I will keep watching what you did in the 1960s.

Anyhoo, that’s Peter Mark Richman, sometimes Mark Richman, and always Adam Chance in my heart. Adam Chance is ONE of his many thousands of roles, but it’s the one MSTies probably remember most.

Agent For H.A.R.M., the official trailer. Put a beat and some keyboards under it and it would make a decent Information Society song. “Danger!”

The MST3K version of the movie, which you should totally buy if it ever comes out on DVD. (Hint, hint, Shout Factory.)

In the interest of bloggalistic balance, here is Mr. Richman being good in something good. Also watch for David Janssen’s chest hair in a breakout performance.

So yay. That was a good thing that happened to me today. One life touches so many. Tune in tomorrow for my regularly scheduled moaning about computer upgrades and lost packets.


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