Sheepdog Show 101: Beginnings

Are you looking for a YouTube comedy experience that has:

  • A decent amount of nerdcorishness, featuring MY FAVORITE Chalkskin
  • Funnyman Dave “Sheepdog” Grant
  • MC Frontalot, not actually frontin’, actually being quite funny and charming
  • “Are You Scared’s” Kariem Marbury, as himself and others
  • Really pretty decent production values
  • Oregon Trail closure
  • One (1) surprisingly good Jimmy Stewart impression
  • A sketch written by me

I promise it’s AT LEAST  better than this week’s “South Park.” Maybe not LAST week’s, but definitely this week’s.

Anyway, check it out, it’s cheap as free, and if you like it, please pass the word along, tweet, share. We need your feedback and for this thing to get all virulent. That would be SUPER.


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