Cool world

I have 2 things to share with you.


Someone awesome whose YouTube channel now has my subscription took selections from the latest Castlevania and made them all midi, ala the days of Super Nintendo.

It does not matter if you’ve played this iteration of Castlevania or any Castlevania. If your heart has any fondness for old video games or the 80s or retro tunes, you will love this to 16 bits.


I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Once upon a time in the late nineties, early aughties, when I thought the possible election of Bob Dole would be a reason to move to Canada and my dorm room was swathed in Fushigi Yuugi wallscrolls, there was something called Toonami on Cartoon Network, which back in the day only aired cartoons. I KNOW.

Nakago-sama wa iroppoi desu yo.

Toonami featured many anime imports like Dragonball and Gundam Wing alongside quasi-anime classics like the CGIed Johnny Quest and ThunderCats. It ruled. That is all. It was perfect. Then they stopped programming for me and started programming for people 5 years younger and it got changed and replaced and I’m all foot stompy to this day. They did bring it back last year, but as a late night block, essentially a different version of the late night anime blocks Cartoon Network has alternated with adult-themed humor under Adult Swim’s umbrella for years. WELL.

Classic Toonami yet lives...not on Cartoon Network anymore, but as an internet channel.  Featuring all the classic shows that aired on Toonami ever, PLUS Rifftrax and MST3k, PLUS early Adult Swim classics before they were cool. Or indeed before they were Adult Swim.


Check it out and maybe even consider donating to site maintenance, because you’re a good person who votes with their dollars and this is the best thing since…Toonami.


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