Review crossover! It’s like my site is X-Force and Angry Cuddles is X-Men.

Or maybe it’s more like Angry Cuddles is “The Love Boat” and I’m Arte Johnson.

Anyway, this post is a little late due to my berfday and being sick on Monday, but I beg your forgiveness.

Last week I hammered out a review of Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph” for very funny video game-centric podcast/comic/blog “Angry Cuddles.” I was, in Alan Rickman’s memorable phrase, dead chuffed to contribute to such an awesome site. Even if you weren’t already going there to find out why I regard Disney’s new animation as “Rent-It Ralph,” you should check them out and add them to your bookmarks bar. Podcast Tuesdays, comic Thursdays, articles (I believe) on Friday.

Of course you can always look forward to new content here whenever I get around to it.

And here’s an internet meme to add visual interest to my post.


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