Things I Saw of Interest on the Internet and a Smack of Self-Promotion

Hi, Internet. I’ve been AFK with insomnia, OT at the day job, writing scripts for Gamer_Bob, working on another big mclarge huge writing project, moving to a deeeeluxe apartment in the sky-y-y, and Borderlands 2. But last night I slept without Ambien, so maybe the blogging and livetweeting can get back in the rotation. We shall see.

Anyhoo, I have discovered SO MANY THINGS I wish to share with you, but they are all so awesome, they must be confined to individual posts.

First up, the reason I’ve been walking around singing “If it bleeds, we can kill iiiiiiit” and “PG-13 is for pussies!” for the last 48 hours.

These guys are BRILLIANT. GO, GO, GO. Or stay and watch “Die Hard: the Musical.” Be sure to wait after the credits for the finale.

I mentioned self-promotion and writing Gamer_Bob. Well, I’m rolling with the Wolf In Wool Productions crew, helmed by the super talented and funny auteur David “Sheepdog” Grant, aka MC Chalkskin, and I’m channeling my considerable nerd angst into writing the Gamer_Bob On the Download series, available exclusively on Here’s our first episode. We’re only getting more esoteric and nerdy from here on in, y’all, so I hope you like:

Please check out the Wolf in Wool and Angela Englert Facey Pages and like us if you, you know, like us. Ahem.

More to come!


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