Cool Things I Saw On the Internet…and So Can You

As Part 2 of my meager attempt to curate the interwebs, I offer you the second cool thing I happened on recently. That cool thing is not so much a thing as a person, and really not so much a person as a persona. That persona is Doctor of Mind MD, the YouTube alias of yes, a real practicing psychiatrist in Nevada, who evidently specializes in helping people not kill themselves.

He’s weird. He’s wacky. He’s sometimes only partially dressed. He sounds like Jack Nicholson on Thorazine. He has Robert Smith hair. And he is freaking fascinating and brilliant.

Doctor of Mind’s videos vary wildly in content, intended audience, and length. Sometimes he’s apparently talking to practitioners about lesser-understood drug interactions —

Sometimes he’s singing about Zyprexa —

(Kind of Leonard Cohen via They Might Be Giants and total inability to play guitar, I thought.)

Sometimes he’s talking about  labs in psychiatry —

Sometimes he’s playing peek-a-boo with the webcam for 90 seconds.

I found Doctor of Mind by accident doing research for a project, but ever since I have been hooked. I subscribe to his YouTube channel and generally check in on him during my lunch breaks through the week. He posts almost daily, so there’s always something new, whether it’s a goat on his roof or 10 minutes of a multi-part lecture on suicide risk in men versus women. He’s been doing this for a while, and you can search thousands of videos for what you’re looking for on his channel. Whatever his game is, he’s clearly knowledgeable, passionate, and entertaining — sometimes all at once. Recommended!


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