Squeekly Squee: Jeremy Brett IS Maxime DeWinter IN Rebecca ON YouTube!

I’m trying to be a more positive person. To that end, I’m going to try to post once a week something that is AWESOME on the internet that may have missed usual aggregation channels.

It may also rationalize internet-based goofing off.

First up! It’s hard to take issue with Sir Laurence Olivier in the definitive film version of “Rebecca.” He is the total Gothic hero package, and  perfect in that capacity. But did you know Jeremy Brett, best known for being the Sherlock Holmes of record in the 1980s and 1990s, also starred in a version of “Rebecca” filmed for the BBC? Oh, yes.

Fun fact: Brett himself believed he was very ill-suited to play Holmes. Naturally a vivacious, energetic personality — you know, a theater guy — he argued that those aspects were at war with Holmes’ analytic nature. Of course, it was Brett’s energy and vim that made his Holmes so perfect.


And just for fun…


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