Leonard Nimoy is Baffled!

You guys! Go to The Lost Highway to read my review of failed TV pilot/overlong movie “Baffled!” starring Leonard Nimoy. This film has been part of my psyche for most of my life (thanks, Mom, VCR technology, and lack of childhood friends!) and I recently betrayed the Drive-In Mob into watching it for our Leonard Nimoy Memorial night. It was kind of like the X-Files, only Mulder is the mom from the Monarch of the Glen and Scully is a Indy racecar drivin’ Leonard Nimoy. I know, right?! There’s a terrible trailer for it at the bottom of the Lost Highway review. If you want to watch it, come on over, but call first and bring booze and snacks.


Put Susan Hampshire in a Slurm t-shirt and that’s pretty much me all the time right there.


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