Quite Good Imaginings



I co-hosted the Horrible Imaginings podcast with uncanny scholar/scholar of the uncanny, Horrible Imaginings festival mastermind, and fantastic-broadcast-voice-haver Miguel Rodriguez for the Pre-Code Blogathon hosted by Shadows and Satin and Pre-code.com. Our subject was Race Representation in Film, Historically and Today, and our thesis was that while you can look at this…

…and be justly horrified/maybe a little turned on, ahem, and think, well, that was THEN. We’re past that now. Kirk kissed Uhura, African-American president, African-American Spider-Man, etc., etc. But are we? What about this?

Malcolm McDowell as Ryuken

OK, I’m being glib with screenshots for comic effect. But it is pretty interesting not just to look at pre-code film, which can be every bit as mature and sophisticated as your favorite HBO and Showtime offerings, but specifically its treatment of race and see how it informed not just the world we live in, but the imagined worlds we live in.

Anyway, I learned a ton prepping for this show. You guys don’t even know. So many Boris Karloff movies. So many. And all of Cloud Atlas.

We end up discussing quite a few films (of hundreds and thousands we could have talked about, we know) and focus on several you probably haven’t seen and really should. TWO of them with Myrna Loy. So, yeah, you wanna see those.

Miguel also went to TCM Film Fest with all the cool kids and did several great podcasts from there with some of the wittiest and most expert cinema mavens on the internet, with everybody joyously making film nerd into a verb. On iTunes and the hyperlinks, kids!

EGR meep


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