Hellbound: Such Sites to Show You II

My Hellraiser II review is up at The Lost Highway. Honestly, I did not love it as much as I remembered. I’m sure the Doctor Cenobite worked on me at some point in my life, but I just pealed laughter at the ceiling as soon as he starts doing his Urotsukidoji Peter Pan bit. I felt SO SORRY for Kenneth Cranham. He was doing a fantastic job as Channard. He would have been a great pre-Mads Mikkelsen Hannibal Lecter.

I am haunted by the disappearance of Steve, Kirsty’s Andy McClusky-doppelganger hookup what didn’t get moirderized by Cenobites in the first film. What happened to Steve? He goes through all that, is not detained in the Channard Institute with Kirsty — WHY? Did he ever call her again? How could he not be obsessed with his experience? I’m passionately curious. As soon as I finish my Griswold Killer Shrews fanfic in which he slips the Shrews like Boba Fett in the Sarlacc tummy, I’m turning my attentions to Steve’s untold story.

Steve,  last know photograph, worst known shirt

Steve: last known photograph, worst known shirt

Also, this is playing in my head 24/7 now, although it’s the Ozzy version in my head. Posting this version because it goes with Hellraiser III, which I’m writing my review of now, and Clive directed it. Lemmy is SO MUCH SCARIER than Pinhead.


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