[taps mic] Is this thing on?

[Feedback screech]

OK! So I’ve been gone a really long time. I had a baby in April 2016. She is beautiful and brilliant and has absorbed most of my lifeforce in the intervening months, as a baby will do. I am now slowly reclaiming some goofing around time from Responsible Parenting and Making a Living and Writing Things Of Some Little Concern To Others time, so hopefully I can reanimate this here bloggo and keep it updated with my Writing Things and other Things in progress.

One Thing in progress, actually starting this Sunday, July 9, is a new livetweet I’m starting to help me deal with the gulf of a collapsing dwarf star where my heart should be now that the Twelfth Doctor, O DOCTOR MY DOCTOR, is regenerating. So I’m going to host a weekly livetweet, #PCapRecap, that reviews all the Twelfth Doctor episodes of Doctor Who, taking us all the way through to the Christmas special, at which point, I will die of heartbreak and Laphroaig consumption. Seriously, what is wrong with me? I do not know. Apparently I really, really need to see a Doctor.

Here’s the link to the #PCapRecap schedule, and of course, you can follow that blog, too, where you will also be able to enjoy screencaps and pics from Instagram and Storifys of the tweets. I will also write episode summaries and reviews, which I will try hard to keep more relevant than OMG TWELVE IS THE BEST I AM DED, but no promises.

me this weekend




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