There’s a Staaaaarman, filming in Cardiff for the last time…

Hey! A couple fun projects to let Peter Capaldi, the best of all possible Doctors, know you love him and he is ruining your life by stepping down has made a positive difference in your life with his portrayal of Britain’s signature hero to nerds and children, his brilliant oeuvre, activism and social conscience, fine irl role modeling, and general awesomeness.

First, over at Tumblr, we have #StarsforTwelve, a reference to Twelve’s lament as he lay dying in “The Doctor Falls” that there were no stars overhead. We can’t have that. There’s going to be a candlelight vigil July 11 at Roath Lock studios and you can help by posting your tribute to Peter and the whole Doctor Who team on social media with #StarsforTwelve. Check out the above link for full details.

Then after Stars for Twelve, we have a book for Peter! ALL THE DEETS:



If you have a project you’d like me to signal boost, holler at me and I will do so! In the meantime, back to honoring PCap through my own medium: livetweeting. 


One thought on “There’s a Staaaaarman, filming in Cardiff for the last time…

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