This Month at the Gutter and Other Stories

At the Gutter this month, I’m mulling the brand-new English translation of the Turkish translation Turkish bootleg of Dracula, Kazıklı Voyvoda, or The Impaling Voivode, or Dracula in Istanbul, a fascinating addition to Dracula scholarship and, frankly, an adaptation of Stoker’s story that really privileges the fun parts. I freaking love Dracula relocating to modern Istanbul instead of London. It makes so much sense.

Also, I link to it in the article, but I’m going to again here, because Comics editor Carol wrote a thing about Draculas I wish I’d written, and you should read it because it is perfect and also about Draculas.

I’m pouring one out for Tobe Hooper this morning. You know, I still haven’t gotten over Wes Craven or even begun to process George Romero. All these giants who created films of such unflinching conscience taken from us. I don’t know how well that’s understood now, but we need them more than ever. At least we have their work, right? It’s suddenly an important time to remember the horror of the late 60s and 70s. There are questions there we still haven’t completely confronted, answers we haven’t accepted or absorbed.

#PCapRecap is stalled because the dwarf star that has been collapsing between my ribs since Twelve’s last episode is still collapsing and I can’t face a rewatch yet, if I even had time, what with the toddler renewing her War on Parent Sleep and me in the beginning and middle of writing many Things and Gutterthon revving its engine. As we are coming up on the Season of Pumpkin Spice, I am penciling it in for November.

In preparation for Pumpkin Spice Days, I am mocking up a Horror Movie Tumblr/FB/blog Challenge with a difference and should be posting it this time next week. I think it will probably cover about a year. There. I have said it here and so OCD will make it so. It is the quirky and esoteric listmaking of sleep-deprived madness! You’ll like it!



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