At the Gutter: I Sing the Zombie Apocalyptic

My friend and colleague Steve at Scream Prints (buy his stuff! It’s cool!) told me a year ago to run, not walk to see Anna and the Apocalypse. I will! I said. And I put it right on my list! My moldering, cobwebby, toddler-thwarted list. I DID finally get to it though, and having gotten to it, wrote about it at the Gutter. Funnily enough, the soundtrack is right in line with the child’s tastes and so I’ve had it on in the background for a lot of the holiday season. I wouldn’t say it’s a PG zombie flick, and the gore is memorable, but the bloody stuff is less dwelled upon than the earwormy tunes, and I think it’s still fairly unreal to the Varmint. I mean, it’s not like it’s Large Marge or summat.

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